tado° GmbH

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Smart Homes / Cities
  • Growth stage (we're out there & making cash)
Founded Sep 2011, München, Germany

tado° was founded by Christian Deilmann, Johannes Schwarz and Valentin Sawadski in 2011. The team has been working on the development of tado° at the headquarters in Munich since 2010. After going to market in November 2012 and gaining tens of thousands of users in the EU with the tado° solution for heating systems, the team globally launched tado° Cooling for AC.

Lindwurmstraße 76
80337 München
Telephone +49 89 41615664-1
Primary Industry
Consumer Electronics
Secondary Industry
Smart Homes / Cities
Number of employees
more than 25
Customer category
Product is
Hardware & Software
Growth stage (we're out there & making cash)
Elevator pitch (business or product)
tado° is the first smart thermostat that adjusts your heating automatically to you, using your smartphone's location.