• Digital Health & Med Tech
  • Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
  • Seed stage (working on product)
Founded Apr 2016, Freiburg, Germany

SpinDiag allows a fully automated, PCR-based screening for drug-resistant pathogens in less than 30 minutes. The system consists of a disposable DVD sized lab-on-a-disk, and a portable device.
Hospitals can screen quickly and reliably during patient admission and isolate and treat risk patients. This significantly reduces risks of infections for other patients and reduces costs for the hospital. Savings can be up to 200 € per patient.

Engesserstr. 4
79108 Freiburg
Telephone +49 173 720 1186
Primary Industry
Digital Health & Med Tech
Secondary Industry
Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
Number of employees
6 - 10
Customer category
Product is
Seed stage (working on product)
Elevator pitch (business or product)
Get the lab to the patient: SpinDiag allows testing of patients in hospitals during admission, preventing the spread of drug-resistant bacteria by isolation.