Roboception GmbH

  • AI & Robotics
  • Cloud
  • Early stage (close to market)
Founded Mar 2015, Munich, Germany

Roboception offers innovative navigation, real-time perception and manipulation solutions for robotic systems. Roboception’s innovative sensor solutions enable customers across all robotic domains to generate real-time, time and location-dependent 3D data products. The solutions include highly intuitive, user-friendly interfaces, parametrization and programming, hence a detailed robotic knowledge is not required for their setup and operation.

Kaflerstr. 2
81241 Munich
Telephone +49 89 8895079-10
Primary Industry
AI & Robotics
Secondary Industry
Number of employees
11 - 16
Customer category
B2B and B2C
Product is
Early stage (close to market)
Elevator pitch (business or product)
Roboception provides easy-to-use 3D sensor products. The sensor comes at low cost making enabling many novel robot applications.