• Smart Homes / Cities
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Early stage (close to market)
Founded Mar 2012, Lisbon, Portugal

Muzzley was founded in 2012 and has offices in Lisbon, Portugal and Sunnyvale, California. Our mission is to free people from confining rules (If x, then y) that smart devices often demand. Our mobile app creates intuitive experiences between people and their connected world, by empowering devices with predictive intelligence. This allows devices to learn human patterns and predict their future actions, based on context(e.g. seasons of the year).

Rua Áurea n º181, 2ºPiso
1100-061 Lisbon
Telephone +351 (91) 220-63-90
Primary Industry
Smart Homes / Cities
Secondary Industry
Big Data & Analytics
Number of employees
17 - 25
Customer category
Product is
Early stage (close to market)
Elevator pitch (business or product)
Muzzley is an app that gathers connected devices in one single place, empowering them with predictive intelligence, that learns and anticipates human behavior.