• Digital Health & Med Tech
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Seed stage (working on product)
Founded Feb 2016, Stuttgart, Germany

monikit is a fully-integrated monitoring and alarm system for people with Epilepsy and their relatives - monikit offers them security in daily life and gives them back quality of life . The wearable device checks the health status of affected in every condition and initiates necessary emergency steps when needed. Moreover, it transfers data to relatives and doctors in order to optimize the medication and reduce side-effects.

Bebelstr. 21
70193 Stuttgart
Primary Industry
Digital Health & Med Tech
Secondary Industry
Big Data & Analytics
Number of employees
6 - 10
Customer category
B2B and B2C
Product is
Hardware & Software
Seed stage (working on product)
Elevator pitch (business or product)
monikit is developing a "helping hand" for the daily life of all people with epilepsy, in order to provide them safety and to improve their quality of life.