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Founded Feb 2012, Barcelona, Spain

We were created as an initiatve of a group of PhD resarchers in close contact with applied technology and innovation.

With a futuristic, but feasible, vision of a connected world where everyone would be able to use technology to improve their lives, this project was motivated.

Though innovation is not easy, we have formed a consolidated and multidisciplinary team which passionately works in bringing a real product that could help real people.

Gran Capitan 2, Nexus Building (103)
08034 Barcelona
Telephone +34 934010950
Primary Industry
Secondary Industry
Smart Homes / Cities
Number of employees
3 - 5
Customer category
B2B and B2C
Product is
Growth stage (we're out there & making cash)
Elevator pitch (business or product)
We make possible for "everyone" to be part of the connected world. Lhings allows people to interact with devices, and with them, offer services to others.