Hindsait, Inc.

  • Digital Health & Med Tech
  • AI & Robotics
  • Growth stage (we're out there & making cash)
Founded Jun 2013, Hackencsack, United States

Hindsait's AI platform extracts clinical concepts from patient charts, enables machine learning from established guidelines and rules, assigns predictive scores to enable consistent clinical decision-making.
Hindsait has revolutionized Prior-Authorization. Currently the platform processes 25,000 Prior-Authorization requests/month, demonstrating 20% to 40% improvement in prevention of unnecessary services, savings the Payors $ Millions in savings.

411 Hackensack Av. #200
07601 Hackencsack
New Jersey
United States
Telephone +1-201-478-6374
Primary Industry
Digital Health & Med Tech
Secondary Industry
AI & Robotics
Number of employees
6 - 10
Customer category
Product is
Growth stage (we're out there & making cash)
Elevator pitch (business or product)
Hindsait’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform enables Payors and ACOs improve quality ratings and reduce unnecessary services, errors and fraud.