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Who we are

Founded in 2011 by the GFT Group, CODE_n is a global innovation platform that promotes outstanding talents and their groundbreaking business ideas. Together with our CODE_n partners, we foster innovation by combining the agility and pioneering spirit of young entrepreneurs with the networks and experience from leading corporations.

Within our longstanding network of strategic partners from both the startup and the corporate world, we cover everything from discovering innovation to developing and implementing sustainable business models.


Why does CODE_n offer matchmaking services? What is the vision behind it?

In today’s business world, both young and established companies face various challenges depending on their stage of growth:

Young companies – with risk-taking prowess, openness, innovative power and entrepreneurial spirit – often fail in growing their business and overcoming barriers to entering new markets.

Established companies – with a profound network of partners, financial capacities and in-depth expertise – need exciting stimulus for cultural changes as they often lack the freedom of entrepreneurial thinking, which would allow them to grow beyond their traditional business models and tackle the challenges of the digital economy.

With CODE_n Connect, we offer startups and large corporations a platform to track down partners with a shared vision and roadmap. This network is where new partnerships are formed and tomorrow’s business solutions take flight.

Who can participate in matchmaking?

Matchmaking is designed for:

  • Pioneering startups with innovative business models or groundbreaking digital technologies, seeking global capacities and the longstanding experience of established corporations.
  • Established corporations aiming to strengthen their interactive entrepreneurship to fuel sustainable growth and cutting-edge innovation.

By making a match, we want to support companies from the startup and corporate worlds in building strategic partnerships for the identification of new business potential.

Does CODE_n help with funding? Does matchmaking involve investors and venture capital firms?

The CODE_n Community is based on a wide array of key players in the corporate world. We aim at matching startups with established corporations to leverage synergy potential based on joint innovation activities and global capacities including financial resources, market access and expertise. We also aim to connect startups with a vast collection of investors and venture capital firms from across the globe.

How does CODE_n differ from other seed/accelerator programs?

CODE_n is a global innovation ecosystem that aims to foster innovation by bringing extraordinary, talented entrepreneurs and established businesses, investors and further pioneers together. That’s why our activities are organized around four main CODE_n elements:

  1. The CODE_n16 CONTEST has been designed to identify the world’s leading young innovators, to give them visibility and promote those business models which have the potential to shape our digital future.
  2. CODE_n EVENTS bring the digital avant-garde together, foster exchange among pioneers and give them a stage for showcasing their groundbreaking ideas.
  3. CODE_n SPACES are unique locations where creativity and business blend together. This is where innovators regularly meet and work on shaping our digital future.
  4. CODE_n CONNECT – this is where you are at right now – is a platform for connecting digital pioneers. Through our network, we build new partnerships and tomorrow’s business solutions strive for new heights!
How secure is the company information that I provide? Do I keep control of my information?

As former part of the GFT Group, CODE_n is backed by one of the world’s leading IT solutions providers for the financial sector. As a result, you can be sure that your data is always protected by the highest security standards and finest privacy controls. All information you provide is protected using server authentication and data encryption. What’s more, CODE_n continually verifies participating startups and corporations to ensure we build a trusted network.

Who should I contact if I have other important questions about the CODE_n16 CONTEST and Matchmaking

If you have any further questions, please contact us via info@code-n.org.

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